iPad sketch #2.

Another sketch made using the fantastic Brushes app for iPad. Although it'd be even more fantastic if they'd write a windows version of their viewer... Until that happens, thanks go once again to Alisdair Wood for the loan of his mac, and his 'skillz'.

Photoshop version of this coming soon.


  1. This is so awesome. So you do you use a stylus with the Brushes App with the iPad? Is it pressure sensitive? On the iPhone App you just use your finger and it's not pressure sensitive, which is frustrating if you're used to working with a Wacom.

  2. Do you recommend the ipad as a digital sketchpad? Seems pretty cool and fun to use

  3. Hi there,
    Yup, it's perfect as a sketchpad. It isn't pressure sensitive but you can mimic that to a certain extent by tweaking the settings in Brushes. I'm using a Boxwave stylus right now, very cheap and does the job.

  4. Nice as always. How do you record of movie of the sketch on the ipad?

  5. Thanks for the insights to your workflow (first found at ImagineFX) really gratefull, because the work you do and your style is pure inspiration.

    Also, your critique, if ever, would be very much appreciated @

    Best of Luck!

  6. NIce work, can't wait to see the PS version!

  7. Your a badass! love your work Ian!

  8. Ian, I picked up an Ipad 2 based on your recommendation and wow, what a great sketchpad :) Thanks so much for the inspiration to do so. I wanted to recommend an app to you called Sketch Club, it's only 2 dollars US and I personally think it blows away Brushes for sketching and painting. Here's a link to some stuff I did with it in the past couple days:


    If you haven't checked it out, I bet you will be able to do amazing stuff with it.

  9. You have an excellent final project

  10. Clever stuff! I think I may have to purchase... might get me out the house a bit :)
    As with 'Wes Ball' how did you record the vid youth?

    Nice one!


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