Remora Kit Preorders Are Go!

Industria Mechanika are now taking orders for the 1st Edition of the Remora model kit. Hurry on over to their site now to avoid disappointment!

A queue, yesterday:


  1. Your ships have the Kinkade appeal it appears by the crowd gathered.

    Exciting news though Ian. You've accomplished quite a bit this last year and a half.

  2. Hi Ian, would it be nerdy to say we are I-mech brothers? Fichtenfoo is also making some of my vehicles and I'm just as excited. Your kit looks awesome too! Can't wait to see others you have in store!

  3. Sweet! Just got one, going to paint it like the concept! :)

  4. Hello
    Just receive this morning the REMORA kit....Waouu!! GREAT!


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