Monday, January 30, 2012

More Remoras on the way.

Pre-orders for the 2nd Edition begin on Tuesday, January 31st. Go here to find out how to get your hands one of these excellent kits. But wait! Before you do, have a look at this stunning Remora build and paint-up by Michael 'Fichtenfoo' Fichtenmayer, the brains behind this release:


  1. The excellent model,I want to touch it!!)))

  2. Thanks guys! They're almost done. No touching the finished model without gloves though! Fingerprints can ruin some of the pigment effects I use. Finished models are more like museum-pieces than "toys" that way unfortunately...

    Although I admit to zooming it around the workshop, making engine noises before I got to this stage. ;-)

  3. Ian, your work is so good and original! It's refreshing to find someone with unique style among sooo many concept artist who look a lot like each other. Keep the good work! All the best!!! Tiho

  4. Ian, I'd love to discuss licensing some artwork for a SF book cover.
    If it's not an inconvenience, could you possibly drop me a line?
    Michael -

  5. Damn, facebook is blocking me from linking to your blog, claiming it's a spammy link/website. :D
    You sure must have a lot of success, then!

  6. Hi Ian,

    I'm trying to reach you regarding licensing some of your images
    for a scifi series of novels we are publishing. If possible, could you make contact with me to discuss?

    Michael Foster