Scout/Quad Track

Another couple of images taken from the series of vehicle tutorials for 'Digital Painting Techniques Volume 4'.

In other news the 'Nuthin' But Mech' artbook is now available to pre-order:

(DPT due in September, NBM in June)

A lot very, very talented folk featured in there, highly recommended. I'd like to show you the paintings I contributed, but the threat of having my fingers broken prevents me.


  1. Brilliant work!
    Any idea when those two books will be available?

  2. Killer update Ian! Probably some of my favorites from you, especially love the bottom image with the snow vehicle, it captures a nice moment.


  3. Superb pieces - love the depth and atmosphere of the snow scene.

  4. i love your work!!! the second painting is especially wonderful :)

  5. Great stuff. Your designs are obviously awesome, but the way you paint is just gorgeous. It's all beautifully lit and painted with spot-on values, in seemingly nonchalant strokes. A joy to behold.

  6. Hey Ian,

    Really love the flying ships you've been doing. I was just curious, are they part of a larger setting you (and/or another company) are working on or are they just random things you find cool? :)

  7. Beautiful. I love the graphic quality of your work.

  8. I was hoping you and your friends at Industrial Mechanika would make the"Scout" vehicle into a model. Like the "Remora"


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